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PC  Repair (Remote Tech Support Web Page)

Repairs are done for Desktop and Laptop computers.  This includes diagnostic work to determine the issue with the device.  Hardware that has to be replaced is purcahsed at wholesale or retail business and the price for your part is the same price of purchase plus state tax.  Upgrades to your desktop pc will be based on manufacturers recommedations and includes increasing RAM, upgrade your hard drive to a larger one, etc. Work on laptop inludes install and removing displays that are non functional or cracked.  Increasing RAM, replacing hard drives, internal fans that burn out etc. 

Internet & Network Service & Remote Support

I provide you with solutions to your home, SOHO (SMALL OFFICE HOME OFFICE) and your small business.  This includes setting up your WiFi and ethernet LAN & Remote Support.  Connecting your computers and devices to the network.  Setting storage devices for access to all  your users on your network.  Internet setup includes connecting to your ISP, determining network connectivity issues, setting up protection for your network which includes providing you with solutions on protection of your small ones on which web sites are available to them.  Remote Service utility can be found at REMOTE SERVICE WEB Page.

Computer Health MOT

I provide recommendation on protection of your computing devices from Malware and Virus.  Also provide the removal of any such infections if possible.  If not, then your data, if not corrupted, will be copied (photo, documents, spread sheets etc.) to your personal USB device or one that I can provide if you don’t have one (price on USB flash drive depends on the amount of storage you will need).  And your computer will be restored to intial Operating System.

Data Recovery & Backup

I can provide solutions for the backup and data retrieval of your important information.  In addition I can create an image of your current setup to recover from Malware or hard drive failure.  Also hands on training for you on improving your skills in data backup of your important files.

Software Installation

Assistance wlll be provided on request of the installation of software applications you need for your work, etc. and if possible making it available on your network for others to use.  This includes Operatring System upgrades to your current windows OS.

Custom Build Computers

You can request custom made computers and I will be glad to assist you in determining the hardware and OS required to meet your needs.  Then the items can be purchased by you and I can then assist or do it for you to build your computer, including new case, motherboard, power suppply etc.  Purchase of all hardware will be done through your personal funds.