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that these two web sites represent. 

White Rose Women’s Center:  St. Joseph’s Helpers of Dallas is a Catholic lay apostolate and non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving lives. Our organization has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement since 1985.  We operate three White Rose centers in the Dallas area and are committed to offering comprehensive care to women in crisis pregnancies. CPLC (Cathol Pro Life Committee)   The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas commissioned in 1993, is devoted to ending abortion and restoring respect and legal protection for every human life.  The CPLC carries out this mission through nine life-saving ministries serving the public with supportive services for mothers and their children, education and advocacy on life issues and women's health, and abortion aftercare.  The CPLC has been called the largest and most effective diocesan pro-life organization in the world and a model for the nation. The CCGD (Christian Community of God’s Delight) is a catholic charismatic convenant community. The Christian Community of God's Delight (CCGD) is a catholic charismatic covenant community whose members have responded in faith to God's call to support each other in living an authentic Christian life together. We have sealed this decision by making a covenant to faithfully live our Christian lives together in full communion with God and each other as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. CCGD is in full communion with the Catholic Church, submissive to our bishop and respectful of the other Christian relationships of our members.