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RDFIG Computer Solutions

111 Southerland Ave. Mesquite, Texas 75150 Cell:  972-839-9551 rdfigsupport@rdfig.net www.rdfig.net


Remote Services

You can request remote service if you have computer issues by going on the web at: www.rdfig.net:8080 and click on Download Support.   Please download it to your desktop to a location where you can run it.  Run the program and your computer should ask for permission to run it and please give it permission and follow the instructions on the running the program.  It does not do an install, it is an application to be run and if you no longer want it then delete it. Please call in advance to see if I am available to provide you assistance.  There is no fee for using this service.  A fee can be incurred for any repair work that is done over the internet but I will ask you in advance if you agree and I also will give you an estimated charge.  Fee starts at $25.00 and could go higher. 

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