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This web page is a portal for RDFIG.net.  RDFIG.net is provided by RDFIG Computer Solutions which specializes in residential and small business owners computer support.  Computer support can be an onsite visit, a remote connection to your computer(s) on your network, or plain consulting via e-mail, phone or on site. Also you will find support ProLife organzations like the Catholic ProLife group, WhiteRoses women center, for small busnesses or for BBS (bulletin board system}.  The Prison Board BBS is hosted here via web login or telnet.  The most readily way to enjoy the board is via telnet,  You need a telnet application, such as NetRunner [recommended], SyncTerm, or Mtel.  Or if you just want to use your browser to take a look around, click on this link:  All BBS’s Available at RDFIG Computer Solutions
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