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Bare Bones 8085 Microprocessor
FigTronix 8085 Microprocesor
You will receive one motherboard and one serial card both
barebone. I will email you the monitor program. It uses
Hyperterminal as your interface. That means your current
computer will be your display and keyboard interface. You can
buy a 8085 emulator from It will allow you to
write programs in basic, assemble and dissassemble code and
when your code is right you can put it to rom and straight on
my motherboard. I made my system to run at full speed.
Most trainers run at 3.072 Mhz. That is because those
systems use the clk out for your baud rate generator. My
system has its own baud rate generating circuit. It will allow
bauds from .300 to 19.2Kbs!!! You will be amazed at the
speed of the 80c85A-2 cpu. This system is fully buffered
with 32kb of rom and 32kb ram. I have even generated
IO/W,IO/R,MR/W,MR/R,INVERTED IO/M signals for you. I
call this a motherboard because it is a open system. I have
NOT locked anything down on my boards. You have full
control over your system!!
Bare Bones Board